This is how we work together

In our organization, we combine professional challenge and passion for the profession with a personal work environment that is all about people.

Each employee makes his or her own valuable contribution. We encourage everyone to keep learning and developing. Our De Beer Academy invites professional deepening, talent growth and leadership development. But we also welcome training, education and professional meetings outside our own office walls.

As an employer, we consider it a matter of course to monitor the work-life balance. We create the best working situation together. Because those who are comfortable in their own skin perform better and get the best out of themselves and others. That makes everyone more powerful!

Our clients

By living up to our own ambitions, we then create maximum added value for our clients. And because we have passion for our profession, our knowledge is always up-to-date and we take our role as a proactive, forward-looking sparring partner.

Many of our clients are in small and medium-sized enterprises and have their roots in Central Brabant. They sometimes operate regionally, but often nationally and internationally. They are different in size, expertise and character. But they also have similarities. For example, they are often family businesses. And they are engaged in innovation and future-oriented business, because their continuity is always central. That is why they feel at home with us and we with them.

Future-oriented entrepreneurship

Change is rapid in the digital world, including in our profession. In challenging times, there are plenty of opportunities to automate routine work and provide up-to-date numerical insight thanks to technology. We embrace these opportunities. Because it gives our advisors more scope to deepen personal relationships, to be a strategic sparring partner and to stand next to the client, looking to the future.

Our expertises

A good financial housekeeping is the basis of a healthy company. We make financial information optimally accessible to you as an entrepreneur. The right management information puts you in control of your business and provides you with complete and up-to-date data that are indispensable for managing it. Naturally, our practice focuses on the annual accounts, but we also maintain close contact and provide proactive advice in the interim.

The extent of our cooperation depends entirely on your wishes. If you prefer to remain involved in the administration yourself, we can agree that we will only carry out the auditing work and prepare the mandatory reports. If you have developed a mild allergy to numbers, we can also take over the entire administration process. Whatever your requirements: we offer a solution that fits you like an Italian made-to-measure suit.

Some business controls are regulated by law. It may also be the case that your organization, given its size, is still exempt from certain mandatory inspections, but that this will eventually change due to anticipated growth. It’s smart to anticipate the new situation and opt for a relationship with De Beer anyway.

In the area of all audit and review engagements, both voluntary and mandatory, we give home. Not every accounting firm is allowed to perform such audits, but we at De Beer are. After extensive, periodically repeated quality reviews by the AFM, we have received the Wta license. As a result, we are authorized to perform all statutory audit assignments.

Not everyone gets happy about tax issues. We do. Tax law is a dynamic field and constantly changing rules and new case law do not make things any easier to understand.

Tax rules become even more complex when operating on an international level. For example, when structuring enterprises and companies abroad, but also in the case of cross-border labor and deliveries. All this requires just a little more expertise and attention than activities and financial-administrative facts defined by national borders.

With us as your partner, you always remain in control. We know the laws and regulations and ensure that our knowledge remains up-to-date. We translate this into advice that creates new opportunities for you. In the Netherlands, but possibly also far beyond. De Beer has no limits when it comes to taxation.

At every stage of entrepreneurship, there are issues that require well-founded answers. A question you may not be able to answer completely on your own. Or about which you value or need the vision of an expert. We help entrepreneurs with business issues, such as creating business plans and forecasts, calculating investment plans, developing liquidity forecasts, selecting partners for financing and submitting applications for financing and grants.

That you will have to deal with VAT as a business owner is unavoidable. VAT regulations can be complex. Fortunately, De Beer offers peace of mind and an overview. We take care of your periodic VAT returns, but we also provide peace of mind for complex VAT issues and optimizing your VAT position.

Even if you are active in the real estate sector, you would do well to turn to us. Project development, construction and renovation, and real estate transactions are aspects on which VAT and transfer tax can leave a significant mark. Good planning can be advantageous. Together with you, we develop an approach.

In important and more complex business events, such as the sale or purchase of a company, business succession or the request for a business valuation, professional and expert advice is of great importance. We have a wealth of experience in such matters: our De Beer Corporate Finance branch does almost nothing else. A separate branch for the heavier business work, powered by De Beer.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, you are also a private person. And after working hours, you are not suddenly a different person. Are you going to live together, get married or divorced, have children or start a (new) business? Such events – and many more – have legal and tax consequences.

This is especially true when a family member dies and the will is discharged. Or when there is a business succession. Such matters have implications for estate planning. That’s why we at De Beer find it important to build a personal relationship with you. And we take the time to get to know you. Only then can we give you advice that you can rely on, whatever happens in your private life.

Being an entrepreneur is, by definition, challenging. And when you are an employer, that provides another dimension. As an employer, you are faced with an increasing number of laws and regulations and tailored advice is more than welcome. We like to sink our teeth into all HR-related issues. Hiring, dismissal and guidance of employees, labor law issues, illness and reintegration, conditions and much more: we know the way blindfolded.

You can also call on us for light HR work. Like drafting employment contracts, conditions of employment and regulations. Would you like to have a home-work, car or pension plan drawn up that leaves no room for double interpretation? Or does your privacy policy need a review or update? We advise, think along and arrange. De Beer delivers HR with high efficiency!

If there is one part of administration that should be in perfect order, it is the paycheck. If salaries are not correct or are transferred too late, unrest is almost always the result. De Beer brings peace to the tent and to your mind. We take care of the entire payroll administration. That includes annual statements for you and your employees and notifications to pension funds and other authorities. And for questions about wage costs, collective labor agreements and social laws and regulations, we are never far away either.

A major advantage of De Beer is that we have all areas of expertise under one roof. If necessary, our administrators easily consult with our HR specialists. This leads to multidisciplinary solutions that really pay off.

De Beer International

Entrepreneurs don’t think in terms of borders. That’s why at De Beer we look beyond the Netherlands. We are part of the VGD network. This includes leading accountancy firms in numerous European countries. They have knowledge of their national markets and understand what is involved in international business. This means that all your cross-border issues in the field of accountancy and tax advice are in good hands with us.

In every phase of business
Whatever phase of your international business, we always offer maximum added value. From starting up a company to implementation, connecting various entities, migration or remigration, liquidation and so on.

Tilburg as a hub for international business
Tilburg is a city conveniently located for entrepreneurs with international ambitions. Many of our clients do business across the border. For example, in Belgium and Germany. But hubs, sister companies and subsidiaries in Central and Eastern Europe are also common.